FIT Members in Lawrence for the Raintree Run - April 18, 2004 

        FIT Members pictured from left to right are:
 Doug Stacken, Kathy Stacken, Vivian Tucker, Kelly Christensen, Mark Penn, Mitzi May,
Anonymous, Kim Wilson, and Hunter Munns
          FIT Members not pictured are: Denis Hill, Noble Morrell, Sharon Patnode, and Janelle Rethman

Raintree results for FIT Members
Hunter Munns    3rd Age Group     6:15 Pace                                  
Mark Penn    4th Age Group     7:35 Pace    Personal Record          
    Janelle Rethman     1st Age Group     7:36 Pace    Personal Record          
             Mitzi May     3rd Age Group     8:09 Pace    Personal Record           
Stephanie Nickelson     4th Age Group     8:15 Pace                                         
           Kim Wilson     2nd Age Group     8:40 Pace    Personal Record           
Noble Morrell     3rd Age Group     8:46 Pace                                
Denis Hill     5th Age Group     9:10 Pace                         
Sharon Patnode     4th Age Group     9:16 Pace                                   
       Kathy Stacken    11th Age Group    9:28 Pace    Personal Record          

Half Marathon
Doug Stacken     6th Age Group     7:36 Pace     Personal Record         
Kelly Christensen     3rd Age Group     8:37 Pace                                      
Vivian Tucker     2nd Age Group    8:48 Pace