FIT members have a great time at the Topeka Memorial Run for the Heart 10 Mile, April 5, 2021

FIT members pictured from left to right and their awards earned: Frank Weinhold - 2nd Age Group,
Marcia Groth - 7th AG, Mark Penn - 13th AG PR, Vivian Tucker - 3rd AG Personal Record,
Bob Wenger - 11th AG PR,  Curt Clinkinbeard - 10th AG PR,  Brian Walawender - 2nd Age Group

Not Pictured: Paige Ralston - 1st AG PR, Wally Kearns - 1st AG PR,  Lisa Regnier 2nd AG,
Chris Cozadd - 4th AG, Mitch Ummel - 10th AG, Sharon Patnode - 8th AG,  Kathleen Levy - 8th AG,
and First 10 Mile Race, Claire Phillips - 5th AG/3rd Transplant Recipient Family Member PR,
Sheila McGivern - 12th AG First 10 Mile run EVER

2 Mile - Julie Funk - 8th OA Female