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As a Personal Trainer certified by the Interactive Fitness Trainers of America, Coach Estes can share his knowledge and experience with you. He will develop a training program specifically for you, to empower you to achieve your goals. He has the expertise to guide a beginner on the right road of healthy, beneficial exercise, or redirect a veteran to achieve new levels of fitness.

FIT PERSONAL TRAINING is the “all-encompassing” approach to exercise, with focus on:

FIT PERSONAL TRAINING programs are for:

”After completing my first season of professional baseball, I decided to participate in an off-season winter conditioning program.  My goal was to show up for Spring Training in the best shape I've ever been, yet at a foundational level so as to avoid peaking too early in the season.  After arriving back in Topeka, I hooked up with Tony, although admittedly unsure of what I was getting into.  The first day I showed up, he already had a detailed workout plan in place for the four months that we worked together.  I found that he not only puts you through a great workout but he's also very easy to communicate with.  We rotationally worked all muscle groups with emphasis on core, conditioning, and all muscle groups that contribute to pitching.

After just a week into Spring Training, I can already see a huge improvement in my strength and ability.  So far, I can see that my fastball has more pop and is staying there longer.  My motion is much easier and effortless, which is the first thing the Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager noticed about me.  I can thank Tony for his efforts in helping me reach new levels and appreciate everything he's done for me.
Blair Johnson, Pitcher - Pittsburgh Pirates

"I needed to get in the best shape possible in a matter of two months in order to be ready for the Minor League baseball season.  I did that with Tony's knowledge and professional approach to fitness.  I especially appreciated the time he put into creatively thinking of different exercises that would allow me the greatest opportunity to improve my performance on the field.  He's an outstanding trainer and individual!"
Ryan Finan, Infielder - Baltimore Orioles

”My lower back was killing me after having had knee replacement surgery some months earlier. Tony came to my rescue, recommending a training program just for me and working one-on-one with me to strengthen my core muscles.  I have noticed a significant increase in my overall fitness and well-being.”    Oscar, Age 83

I was intimidated about beginning a fitness program until I began working with Tony. He has developed a program that fits my needs along with my busy schedule, and I enjoy working out. His professional guidance and support has helped me make my fitness a priority...I feel better, look better, and best of all; I have more energy.”     Billie,  Age 52

“Tony is very nice and a hardworking guy.  He has helped me gain strength and endurance. Now, I look forward to working out.”    Austin,  Age 13

“Although exercise is essential, it’s often overlooked, and I’m guilty of such due to my busy lifestyle. Tony designed a plan that works for me.  It’s been great working with him and I’m seeing results.  He always encourages me to take it to the next level, especially when I’m not sure that I can.  His motivation is awesome!”     Melissa, Age 21

In just 12 weeks of working with Tony, I’m in better shape than I have been in 10 years. I’ve lost 18 pounds and my body is saying ‘thank-you for getting me moving again.’  I especially appreciate Tony’s knowledgeable, individualized, caring, and fun approach to working out and getting fit.”    Carol,  Age 60

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