What participants are saying about FITNESS IN TRAINING ...

“We want to thank you for all the time you put into training and coaching us.  Your advice and superb training techniques helped us tremendously.  We will think of you every time we see a hill or track.

You interest and concern for us individually was very much appreciated.  It was a joy being in your FIT program. Thank you and God bless you.”
Your Fit Group - Spring 2003 Training Session

“Wow!  If you had told me a year ago that I would me a year ago that I would complete a half marathon, I would have laughed and said “not possible.”  The FIT program is a “natural” for anyone interested in a healthy, super-fun, and productive approach to running.  Tony’s knowledge and his genuine desire to share it, along with the kind support and encouragement of the group, makes this program very effective and worthwhile.  Thankfully, when the little voice inside my head told me I was too slow, too heavy, and not skilled enough to join the program, I joined anyway. Had I not done so, I would have denied myself the opportunity to enjoy one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Count me in!”
Curt Clinkinbeard - Topeka Business Owner and Runner

“I knew I could improve my ‘turtle’ speed. In addition, I was tired of being a ‘lone runner’ and wanted the company of others. Tony asked that I consider Fitness In Training as a means of taking my training ‘to the next level.’ I said ‘yes’ and began preparing for my third Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. How glad I am that I had Tony as a coach and was a member of the Fitness In Training team. The personalized training schedule, Tony’s instruction and feedback, the informative clinics, and the encouragement of fellow runners prepared me for a tough race.  The heat and wind on race day would have stopped me in previous years, but I sprinted across the finish line and set a new Personal Record.  Amazing to me, I recovered quickly with little soreness. Now, I am savoring the experience and looking forward to setting and achieving new goals.  Thanks, Tony, for your training in fitness. I am excited to be an athlete and to feel the best I’ve ever felt - at age 56!”
Claire Phillips - Experienced Runner, 3-time Marathoner

“I would like to take a moment to say thanks Tony. Thank you for your dedication to us, to running, to ensuring that we have the knowledge, for your encouragement and very importantly, for your positive attitude.  Thank you for all you do for all of us. I feel your enthusiasm for running, for competition, and for life.”
Karen Gideon - 2-time Marathoner

“Tony has the expertise and experience to be an excellent trainer. His ability to customize your program speeds progress while minimizing the chance for injury.  I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to run better or any entry level runner just getting started.”
Mark Penn, DC - Veteran Runner and Triathlete

“Thanks Tony for all of your help in training and especially your inspiration. Running the pace we did, I didn’t hit the ‘wall.’ Mile 22 came and went. I know we didn’t pick it up much in speed until the end. As soon as I saw the finish line my body took over (or maybe it was my mind).  The pain that I suddenly felt at 24 miles went away and I could sprint the last two blocks. 26 miles - I can’t believe it! My experience was truly a great one.”
Lisa Regnier - First-time Marathoner

“I hadn't been training real well due to "life getting in the way" but decided to run the long race anyway.  The day was hot and windy and the course was hilly.  The first mile or two I had my usual shortness of breath to the point that I wondered what I was doing out there, but after the third mile things began to even out.  Then the heat and the long incline began to make each step a struggle.  I kept telling myself I was doing well just to keep my feet running. Suddenly, the first fast runners began to come back by me. Then mobs of runners went by.  Team members would yell encouragement and I would yell back to them.  I kept thinking the turn in the first loop turn would come up soon as more and more runners passed by going the other way. It seemed forever before I got to the hill top and made the loop.  The day continued to get hotter. I found a woman to draft behind but she finally started walking so I passed her and took the wind head on. Soon runners were coming back by from the next loop turn.  My mind went into a zone just to keep going.   As I neared the last mile, it was all I could do to keep from walking.  Suddenly, Tony and a whole bunch of the Fitness in Training group appeared.  They yelled encouragement and started running with me up the last hill.  Tony yelled, "Catch that person ahead of you".  And others started yelling, "Come on. You can do it." I stumbled a few times but Tony kept yelling, "There's your target ahead of you. You can catch her. " Finally on the last little decline to the finish, I passed that woman. It was a great feeling.  With coaching and encouragement like that, you can't lose, whether you come in first or last, since you gain self-respect and a comforting feeling from all the support.
Marcia Groth - Veteran Runner

"In retrospect, I had a wonderful time! Between 8-9 miles, I started to feel as if I could not continue. My muscles were obviously out of fuel.  But, I remembered what you said beforehand, 'that if that happened, we should pick it up a little'.  Well, I did and it worked. After about 15-20 minutes I seemed to get a "second wind".   For me, time was already not a factor from the start but I was able to pick up my pace the last couple of miles and I finished strong and happy. I felt as if I could have kept going for a while. The best part was coming down that last little stretch, hearing people from our training group (already showered and changed, of course), yelling "run Kathleen", "come on in Kathleen", etc. It made me laugh out loud:)  I still cannot believe I actually RAN a half marathon.  Thank you so much for all of your help and support. I never, in a million years, ever would have thought I would do anything like that, in this lifetime.  If not for you, I'm sure that would be true."
Kathleen Hunter Levy - Certified Personal Trainer, Stott Pilates Instructor, and RUNNER

Analysis of My First Session with FITNESS IN TRAINING
The Estes’ program is based on determining the current level of fitness. Based on the current level of fitness, a program of training is developed. While the program is aimed at level of fitness, there is the factor of physical structure and ability involved. The program is designed to obtain the most out of the individual regardless of the level of fitness or athletic ability. While the Estes’ program is geared towards running, the strategy of the program could be applied to other forms of physical activity.

After a level of fitness and ability is determined, modest goals and challenges are developed for the individual.  It is the individual’s responsibility to stay motivated and achieve the goals set by the program.

In the running world, there are many books for the runner to read and learn. The programs in the books no doubt work for certain individuals. As such, one must pick a program to follow.  Whatever the program, it is the individual’s responsibility to follow the particular program.

The advantage of the Estes’ program is the coach is there to provide guidance and motivation through various means. In the running world, I feel the Estes’ program is a structured low-impact program that does produce good results without injury.

In the Estes’ program, strength is gained through a regular program of timed speed work and hill work. There will be long runs to develop the endurance.  However, even the long runs are fewer and shorter than some book programs promote.

Thus, the advantage of the Estes’ program is the mileage of the bone jarring hitting the pavement is less.  As a result, there is the muscle building without the joint and ligament injuries.  The effect of less joint stress means a longer time in running or perhaps a lifetime of running.

There is the opportunity of talking with the coach and modifying the program to fit an individual’s particular goal or concern.  The coach provides strategy, running, fitness, injury prevention, running clothes, diet and travel tips. The coach is there to help the novice through the first experiences of the first race.  For the more experienced runner the talk will be more on race strategy and what to expect on the course.

There are many advantages of running with a group. The runners talk about their individual concerns or hear about various running tips.  The tips may just provide a little edge to improve one’s personal record or win over another runner. There is the motivation provided by being around a group of people with the same interests.

Most of all, the group is a compatible fit group that enjoy running. The group training provides camaraderie in training and at group participation races.
Frank Weinhold - Veteran Runner and Marathoner

“I can honestly say that Tony has fostered an air of organization and a sense of purpose for myself, and I feel that the group is more goal orientated because of his involvement.  Whatever your conditioning level, it will be improved by being part of an organized workout program.”
Tucker Porter - 3-time Marathoner

“I believe the program is beneficial as Coach Estes tailors it towards each participant’s goals and interests. He uses proven scientific principles along with the latest research to enhance the participant’s abilities.”
Gary Pratt - Veteran Runner and Topeka Dentist

“There is more to running fast than logging a lot of miles.  Tony’s program teaches technique, injury prevention, training strategy, and is customized to the athlete. I recommend Tony to help you improve your physical fitness.”
Lloyd Fleming - 2001 Kansas Senior Olympics 200 & 400 Meter Gold Medalist, Ages 60 - 64

“I would recommend Tony for experienced runners because of his expertise and especially for beginners because of his patience. His competitive spirit also affords him the motivation and enthusiasm for successful instruction and leadership.”
Keith Hertling - Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor, Veteran Runner and Triathlete

“Through dedication and hard work, Tony became a very competitive runner and continues to excel as a masters runner today.  Tony got serious about making some lifestyle changes and immersed himself in running and becoming physically fit. He has become very knowledgeable in all areas of health related issues and is an excellent source of information and motivation for anyone wanting to improve their physical well being. We would recommend Tony’s input and guidance in helping anyone reach their fitness goals.”
Brad Rhoden, Veteran of 71 Marathons, 11 at Boston, President - Sunflower Striders Running Club; Marla Rhoden, Veteran of 77 Marathons, 14 at Boston 2:50 Marathon PR

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