First official FIT group training session - July 20, 2020

FIT members bring home the awards at the 2002 Capper Run, Walk & Roll 4 Mile Race - Oct. 5, 2002

FIT members from left to right and their awards earned:    Curt Clinkinbeard - 3rd Age Group, Sandy Morrison - 3rd Overall Female, Gary Pratt - 1st Age Group,  Tony Estes - 1st Overall, Vivian Tucker - 1st Age Group, Mitch Ummel - 2nd Age Group

Not pictured: Marcia Groth - 2nd Age Group,  Karen Gideon - 2nd Age Group, and               Julie Funk - 3rd Age Group

FIT members complete the Humana River Crown Plaza Half Marathon,
Kansas City, MO - November 2, 2020

FIT members pictured from left to right:   Finish Time      Avg. Pace per Mi.    Comments
Sandy Morrison                   1:52:21         8:35       1st Half Marathon
Alice Cnossen                    2:42:50         12:26      1st Half Marathon
Wally Kearns                     1:49:47         8:23       Personal Record
Karen Gideon                     2:11:33         10:03      Personal Record
Curt Clinkinbeard                2:08:14         9:47       1st Half Marathon
Vivian Tucker                    1:54:41         8:45       1st Half Marathon
Mitch Ummel                      1:43:00         7:52       Personal Record

Not pictured:
Marcia Groth                     2:34:37         11:48      1st Half Marathon

FIT members conquer the hills at the Cedar Crest Classic 10K, November 9, 2020

FIT members from left to right and their awards earned:    Curt Clinkinbeard - 4th Age Group PR,
Wally Kearns - 2nd Age Group PR, Matt Overbey - First 10K, Alice Cnossen - 2nd Age Group PR
Marcia Groth - 2nd Age Group Personal Record

Not Pictured:
Karen Gideon - 3rd Age Group PR, Gary Pratt
Kathleen Levy - 1st Age Group (5K), Lowell Shafer - 3rd Age Group (5K)

FIT members and friends at the start of The First and Last Annual Popeye’s To Potwin 10 Miles or Less Fun Run, December 7, 2020

First FIT Group Run - Spring 2003 Training Session,  January, 25, 2003

FIT members and fellow Striders haul in the hardware at the St. Patrick’s Day Road Race, Manhattan, KS March 15, 2021

FIT members and friends from left to right and their awards earned:  Bob Wenger - 10th Age Group 10K,
SSRC President Brad Rhoden - 2nd AG 10K & 2nd AG 2 Mile, SSRC member Marla Rhoden - 1st AG 10K & 1st AG 2 Mile,
Frank Weinhold - 1st AG 10K, Vivian Tucker - 2nd AG 10K,  Chris Cozadd - 10th AG, Marcia Groth - 3rd AG 10K,
Tony Estes - 2nd AG 10K & 14th OA, Claire Phillips - 2nd AG 10K,  Curt Clinkinbeard,  Wally Kearns - 3rd AG 10K

Not Pictured:
Paige Ralston - 5th AG 10K & 14th OA Female, Lisa Regnier - 7th AG 10K, Brian Walawender - 8th AG 10K,
Kathleen Levy - 4th AG 10K,  Mark Penn, and Julie Funk - 7th AG 2 Mile

FIT members have a great time at the Topeka Memorial Run for the Heart 10 Mile, April 5, 2021

FIT members pictured from left to right and their awards earned: Frank Weinhold - 2nd Age Group,
Marcia Groth - 7th AG, Mark Penn - 13th AG PR, Vivian Tucker - 3rd AG Personal Record,
Bob Wenger - 11th AG PR,  Curt Clinkinbeard - 10th AG PR,  Brian Walawender - 2nd Age Group

Not Pictured: Paige Ralston - 1st AG PR, Wally Kearns - 1st AG PR,  Lisa Regnier 2nd AG,
Chris Cozadd - 4th AG, Mitch Ummel - 10th AG, Sharon Patnode - 8th AG,  Kathleen Levy - 8th AG,
and First 10 Mile Race, Claire Phillips - 5th AG/3rd Transplant Recipient Family Member PR,
Sheila McGivern - 12th AG First 10 Mile run EVER

2 Mile - Julie Funk - 8th OA Female

FIT members at the Raintree Run Half Marathon, Lawrence, KS April 13, 2021

FIT members pictured from left to right and their awards earned: Chris Cozadd - 10th AG,  Frank Weinhold - 5th AG,
Marcia Groth - 6th AG, Curt Clinkinbeard - 25th AG, Wally Kearns - 3rd AG, Paige Ralston - 3rd AG, 1st Half Ever
Tony Estes - 1st AG, Vivian Tucker - 4th AG

Not Pictured: Brian Walawender - 10th AG,  Elaine Gill - 8th AG,
5K - Bob Wenger - 4th AG,  Mitch Ummel - 7th AG, Mark Penn - 9th AG

FIT members before the Lincoln All-Sport Marathon / Half Marathon, Lincoln, NE   May 4, 2021

FIT members pictured from left to right: Frank Weinhold, Mark Penn, Tony Estes, Curt Clinkinbeard, Wally Kearns,
Bob Wenger (profiling), Michael Hall, Paige Ralston, Marcia Groth, and Lisa Regnier

Not Pictured: Vivian Tucker, Kathleen Levy, Mitch Ummel, and Chris Cozadd

A rainy start at the Lincoln Marathon / Half Marathon, Lincoln, NE   May 4, 2021

FIT members Paige Ralston and Wally Kearns running their first-ever marathon at Lincoln

“Hey Mom, I’m OK!  Are you OK standing there in the pouring rain?”

FIT members Lisa Regnier and Vivian Tucker running their first-ever marathon at Lincoln

“Have you checked the radar lately?  When will it quit raining?”   “Not too long after you cross the finish line.”

FIT members at Lincoln in order of finish:   Finish Time      Avg. Pace per Mi.    Comments
Tony Estes                       1:22:14         6:18       Half Marathon
Mitch Ummel                      1:47:24         8:18       Half Marathon
Bob Wenger                       1:51:04         8:36       1st Half Marathon
Mark Penn                        2:01:48         9:30       Personal Record
Curt Clinkinbeard                2:06:21         9:51       Half Marathon
Michael Hall                     2:22:15         11:03      Personal Record
Marcia Groth                     2:39:30         12:20      Half Marathon
Kathleen Levy                    3:16:53         15:16      1st Half Marathon

Chris Cozadd                     3:38:04         8:24       1st Marathon
Paige Ralston                    3:55:00         9:03       1st Marathon
Wally Kearns                     3:55:08         9:03       1st Marathon
Lisa Regnier                     4:13:46         9:45       1st Marathon
Vivian Tucker                    4:13:54         9:45       1st Marathon
Frank Weinhold                   4:24:28         10:12      Marathon

FIT members and Striders at Union Station prior to the 30th Annual Hospital Hill Run, June 7, 2021

FIT members and Striders pictured from left to right:  Wally Kearns, Frank Weinhold, Vivian Tucker
Curt Clinkinbeard, Chris Cozadd, Tony Estes, Bob Wenger, Kelly Christensen, Ralph Howard
Gordon Wade

FIT members not pictured:  Tucker Porter, Julie Funk

FIT members at Hospital Hill in order of:    Finish Time          Comments
Tucker Porter                      55:24       12K,     9th Age Group
Curt Clinkinbeard                1:07:03       12K
Julie Funk                       1:11:31       12K

Wally Kearns                     1:45:40       Half Marathon, 12th AG
Bob Wenger                       1:55:08       Half Marathon
Vivian Tucker                    1:56:32       Half Marathon, 10th AG
Frank Weinhold                   1:59:05       Half Marathon, 6th AG

Performance of note at Hospital Hill by future FIT member
John Funk (Julie’s Son)                                    31:31                 1st 5K,   AGE 9!!!!!!

FIT members and friends head for the hills at the start of the “Popeye’s to Hill(s) - Could Be Fun Run”, June 21, 2021

What goes down must come up, and it sure went up, a lot!