FIT Members harvest the hardware at the Rossville Tall Corn Festival 5K - August 14, 2020

FIT Members pictured from left to right:

Chris Cozadd - 1st AG,  Kenny Jessop - 3rd AG,  Gary Pratt - 2nd AG,  Liz Munns,
Eric Smith,  Kim Wilson - 3rd AG,  Jan Hamilton,  Mitzi May - 1st AG, 
Kelly Christensen - 3rd OA & 1st Masters New PR,  Tony Estes - 2nd OA & 1st Masters,
Paul Ganser,  Vivian Tucker - 1st AG,  Liz Ganser,  Frank Weinhold - 1st AG,  Gary Miller New PR,
Cary Funk,  Kathy Stacken,  Doug Stacken - 2nd AG, and Sharon Patnode - 1st AG
New PR

FIT Members not pictured:
Anna Munns,  Denis Hill - 2nd AG,  Hunter Munns - 1st AG New PR,  Kathleen Levy - 2nd AG,
Lowell Shafer,  Marcia Groth, and Noble Morrell - 3rd AG New PR