FIT members are hot at the Fiesta Mexicana 5K, July 12, 2020

FIT members pictured from left to right: Sharon Patnode - 2nd AG, Mitch Ummel - 3rd AG, Lana Best,                         Kelly Christensen - 2nd AG, Bob Wenger, Mike Hall, Tony Estes - 2nd OA, Vivian Tucker - 2nd AG,                         Frank Weinhold - 1st AG, Wally Kearns - 1st AG, Summer Clinkinbeard, Claire Phillips - 3rd AG,                                 Curt Clinkinbeard, and Julie Funk

FIT members not pictured:  Gary Pratt - 2nd AG, Erin Anderson - 2nd AG, Allie Atwood - 3rd AG,                          LeAnne Calderwood - 2nd AG, Brian Walawender, Lloyd Fleming, and Jordan Paszek