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The Strength and Conditioning Camp for high school students is designed to allow each athlete to develop a training base geared toward his or her own specific ability.  By avoiding the "one plan fits all" approach, each individual can methodically advance to become the very best he or she can be.  Daily sessions provide 45 minutes to one hour of strength training, followed by conditioning runs lasting from 30 minutes to one hour at a specific training pace based on each athlete's current level of fitness, on a variety of courses.

The Strength and Conditioning Camp is a two week program, meeting five days a week, Monday through Friday.  The camp will be held at your school.  Starting time for daily group sessions is 7:00 am and daily sessions are expected to last approximately two hours.

Daily group Strength Training Sessions will be held inside your school weight room.  Weather permitting, daily group runs will be held outside on a variety of routes near your school, emphasizing use of soft surfaces to help minimize the potential for overuse injuries.  In the event of inclement weather, optional training activities will be held indoors whenever possible.  Athletes will perform a time trial or speed session on the track at least once per week and hill training will be incorporated into many of the daily sessions, when possible.  Water and sports drink is provided for participants to help ensure that they remain sufficiently hydrated during training sessions.

The primary goal of the conditioning program is to empower all athletes to establish a solid foundation prior to the start of their own respective school training seasons.  This higher base will better enable each athlete to take their season to the "next level" by peaking in the late-season when their success is most needed and appreciated.

The FIT YOUTH CONDITIONING program is the focused approach to fundamental training, with emphasis on:

The FIT  YOUTH CONDITIONING program is ideal for students who plan to participate in:


"The first time I worked with Tony he helped me get over an injury and improve my 5k time.  He helped me to peak at the right time and become the 2005 Topeka City Cross Country Champion.  After this I went back and trained with him because I knew he would continue to lead me in the right direction.  He has made me into a stronger runner both mentally and physically and taught me how to be a better leader as well.  He showed me how to continue improving on my own and help others improve.  No matter where someone is as a runner, there is always some way to improve and Tony will help them find that way."
Ryan Hahn, City Cross Country Champion, SHHS 2005

"After attending Tony Estes’ running camp I am much more knowledgeable.  I learned a lot about how to train, what to do to prepare for a race, the proper way to run hills, and correct running form, along with many other beneficial tips.  Tony has made me a lot more confident as a runner and a lot stronger through the weightlifting.  I was very pleased with the results of the camp.  My times improved significantly and I feel much stronger and do not tire as quickly when I run.  Tony taught me many important things while still making the experience fun.  I would strongly recommend this camp for anyone who runs Cross Country.
Kirsten Golz - WRHS 2006

"Tony's class was not just like a track practice.  We did conditioning inside as well as running outside.  The class was a small group, so there was a lot of individual attention.  It changed my running form so that it is now more efficient.  Now I am also in much better physical condition than I was before the class.  I trusted Tony to train me because he has years of experience training adults.  I would highly recommend this class to people who run long distance, or just want to get in better running shape."

Haden Beardmore, Triathlete, Topeka Collegiate School

"I found working with Tony to be very beneficial.  I improved my endurance in addition to my speed, and my cross country times improved significantly.  He is quite knowledgeable and set up a very manageable, yet challenging program for me.  I would highly recommend his program as it certainly helped me."
Allie Atwood - WRHS 2004

"I would recommend Tony for experienced runners because of his expertise and especially for beginners because of his patience.  His competitive spirit also affords him the motivation and enthusiasm for successful instruction and leadership."
Keith Hertling

   Program fees for Youth Conditioning Program:
$100 per student - Ten students minimum
             only $10 per student, per day
       $80 per student - Twenty students minimum
The total number of students registered for the camp determines the total cost of the camp per student




Gift Certificates Available