Also known as Cardaine, this sarm became popular among athletes and bodybuilders due to its unique ability to increase the metabolism of fatty acids. GW501516 sarms Capsules is a Peroxisome Proliferator-Activator Receptor-delta (PPAR) agonist that binds to nuclear receptors that are responsible for the growth of steroidal hormones. GW501516 sarms Capsules was formulated in 1992 to reduce harmful cholesterol levels and increase the amount of good cholesterol. It was also believed to prevent the formation of tumours in the prostate, colon and breast tissue. This way, Cardarine enhances gene expression and enables the body to release energy even during rest. As a result, athletes and bodybuilders obtain energy boosts for intense workouts they would not achieve during regular activity.


Research has suggested Melanotan 2 raises melanin levels that result in tanner skin while also increasing muscle hardness and weight loss.

    All FITNESS IN TRAINING running programs feature the following member benefits:


What participants are saying about FITNESS IN TRAINING ...

"Thank you for your Expertise, Encouragement, and Example!  You have helped us reach new goals that will have long-reaching effects.  May God bless you.."
The "FITsters" - Spring 2004 Training Session

“We want to thank you for all the time you put into training and coaching us.  Your advice and superb training techniques helped us tremendously.  We will think of you every time we see a hill or track.

You interest and concern for us individually was very much appreciated.  It was a joy being in your FIT program. Thank you and God bless you.”
Your FIT Group - Spring 2003 Training Session

“When I made the decision to compete in the competitive World Police & Fire Games in Quebec, in the 1500 and 800 meter race events I sought out the help of Tony Estes to get me race ready.  As a tri-athlete, and having accomplished an Ironman triathlon I knew that I needed two things to achieve my objectives in Quebec; a well structured sport specific program, and a good coach. Tony met both of these needs.  First, Tony created an ultimate training guide for the 1500 meter race that allowed me to consistently make progressive gains without over-straining myself.  Secondly, because Tony is also an accomplished distance runner who continues to competitively race, he is more than a coach, but a mentor, which I believe sets him apart from others.  Tony was able to personalize my training in a number of ways.  For example, Tony guided and monitored my training progress, he assessed my training paces for accuracy, he helped me monitor my energy level for health reasons, and he also provided valuable insight and instructions for racing competitively in open college track meets.  Tony has a solid running program and I would highly recommend him for anyone wanting to run competitively, or anyone just wanting to discover their potential as a runner.”
Daniel Jaramillo - Silver Medalist-Age Group, 1500 meters and Bronze Medalist-Age Group, 800 meters
2005 World Police & Fire Games,  Quebec, Canada

“Wow!  If you had told me a year ago that I would me a year ago that I would complete a half marathon, I would have laughed and said “not possible.”  The FIT program is a “natural” for anyone interested in a healthy, super-fun, and productive approach to running.  Tony’s knowledge and his genuine desire to share it, along with the kind support and encouragement of the group, makes this program very effective and worthwhile.  Thankfully, when the little voice inside my head told me I was too slow, too heavy, and not skilled enough to join the program, I joined anyway. Had I not done so, I would have denied myself the opportunity to enjoy one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Count me in!”
Curt Clinkinbeard - Topeka Business Owner and Runner

“I knew I could improve my ‘turtle’ speed. In addition, I was tired of being a ‘lone runner’ and wanted the company of others. Tony asked that I consider Fitness In Training as a means of taking my training ‘to the next level.’ I said ‘yes’ and began preparing for my third Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. How glad I am that I had Tony as a coach and was a member of the Fitness In Training team. The personalized training schedule, Tony’s instruction and feedback, the informative clinics, and the encouragement of fellow runners prepared me for a tough race.  The heat and wind on race day would have stopped me in previous years, but I sprinted across the finish line and set a new Personal Record.  Amazing to me, I recovered quickly with little soreness. Now, I am savoring the experience and looking forward to setting and achieving new goals.  Thanks, Tony, for your training in fitness. I am excited to be an athlete and to feel the best I’ve ever felt - at age 56!”
Claire Phillips - Experienced Runner, 5-time Marathoner

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